Debt Collection

Operators today face increasing pressure on their margins and reduced revenue streams. Many find it challenging to collect debt from their partners – there are cases with aged debt being on the books for many months or even years. Cash flow issues arise due to significant amounts of unallocated cash carried forward from month to month and FX losses occur due to late settlement.

Many Nextgen customers have stated that with other suppliers, legacy debt is ultimately left up to them to deal with. We have no cut-off point for chasing debt: once it’s on our books, we work in partnership with operators using every means at our disposal to get that cash back and ready to invest in growing their business.

Why choose Nextgen's debt collection solution?

  • Near-real time visibility on every aspect of your roaming business through end-to-end integration with our financial clearing and INSIGHT products. Our platform ensures you are always 100% up to date with each of your roaming partners.
  • Our financial clearing solution includes powerful built-in business processes for chasing outstanding payments.
  • Flexible system allows customers to unblock open positions as Nextgen’s online platform can partially allocate received payments while continuing to chase the outstanding balance.

Optimise cash flow and minimise FX exposure through proactive netting

  • Why pay out when your money will just come straight back later in the year? Nextgen’s financial clearing platform’s seamless integration with IOT discount management allows customers to proactively net monthly settlements against expected IOT and general settlements.

Customer support dedicated to chasing debt by any means possible

  • Nextgen Clearing has the lowest manager to accounts ratio in the market.
  • Our highly experienced team draws upon their network and uses the platform’s integrated features to send personalised emails and telephone follow ups to secure the payment or a “promised to pay” date.
  • No drawn out loops, no forced trouble tickets – you can interact with us in whatever way suits you best. We always make our service fit our customers’ requirements and handle the query logging process ourselves. A complete audit trail is accessible from anywhere at anytime through our online platform.

Complete transparent view of the debt collection process available online

  • The online platform includes a complete transparent audit trail, allowing customers to see at a glance what has been done, by whom and when. This means you know exactly what’s happening in regards to your outstanding debt with each of your partners, broken down by service.

Dramatically improve your cash flow with our phased, human and relentless approach to aged debt collection

  • Automatic emails are the most basic automated first step. Many other vendors only send emails, after which the operator must chase it up themselves. Nextgen has no cut-off point and never gives up chasing debt.
  • Personalised emails and telephone follow-ups – our financial clearing professionals call to secure the payment or a “promised to pay” date which is recorded in the system for us to follow up with automated alerts.
  • AA14 contacts updated in near-real time with new escalation contact points fully visible to you.
  • Current progress visible directly in the online platform combined with regular customer support team monitoring reports ensure you achieve your targets. Nextgen can also take responsibility for recovery legacy positions accumulated under your previous FCH.
To find out more about how our unique services can help you optimise your debt collection process, please contact us