Optimise deals and improve cashflow

Mobile operators today face significant challenges to manage complex commercial relationships and have access to a complete financial picture, including the critical accruals. One of the main challenges is having to extract various sources of data to deliver one overall view.

Fusion combines Nextgen’s advanced financial clearing and proven discount management solution. This powerful combination enables operators to manage and optimise the lifecycle of their IOT discount agreements, providing a complete and transparent credit control solution on one single platform. 

Fusion dramatically saves time, improves credit control management and enables finance and wholesale departments to have access to a single source of truth, for complete and flexible partner management.

Five clear reasons why you should choose Nextgen Clearing's Fusion platform.


Integrated end to end process

  • Manage entire lifecycle from agreement capture to cash collection
  • Enhance visibility, budget control and workflow
  • Automated, efficient and spreadsheet-free

Optimise IOT agreements and cashflow

  • SMART Payment Technology
  • Intelligent settlement configuration to achieve optimal cash position
  • Significantly reduce risk through fully auditable mid-term settlement
  • Quick settlement through the industry's leading platform
IOT charges

Manage all financial positions in one place 

  • Complete picture for Finance and Wholesale Departments
  • Finance focused reporting
  • Saving time on data interpretation and presentation
  • Online configurable dashboards including customised alerts to help you stay in control

Real time accrual position tracking

  • Accurate accruals to ensure you always have a true and clear picture
  • Real time tracking, supported by our industry leading discount platform
  • Run end of year settlement statement at any time
  • Automatically issue CD/DN to partner and settle

Intelligent credit control

  • Total net position tracking with actionable intelligence
  • Credit profiling based on real data
  • GENIUS payment recommendations


To find out more about how Fusion can help you optimise your clearing and settlement, please contact us